The Claudia Fajardo Collection

Claudia Fajardo Collection Talk about tropical vibes!Fine beaded jewelry with 925 sterling silver accents. The Fajardo Collection features 100% handcrafted jewelry inspired by nature. Pieces are created by famous Colombian Jewelry designer Claudia Fajardo. Her impressive artistic pieces are brilliantly created with a combination of textures and colors, using 925 Sterling Silver, glass beads, and …

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Chiapas Collection

The Chiapas Collection Beautifully handwoven with macrame and natural fibers. Chiapas is typically known as Mexico’s most southern, most impoverished, and most mysterious state. Full of jungle ruins, wildlife, strange regional specialties and a mix of cultures.  San Cristobal Las Casas is a region in Chiapas filled with colorful handicrafts made by artisans. The time and skill …

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Brisla Tote Bags

Brisla Oaxaca Tote Bags Beautifully handwoven with recycled plastic. The Brisla Oaxaca Tote Bags are elegant, modern, and versatile. Their different weaves and colors give them a personality that transpires elegance to Breeze through life in a colorful fashion ♡ ♡ ♡ Previous Next Recycled Materials Easy to Care Caring for our planet and one …

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