You can wet your product but do not leave water in the surface for a long period of time. Due to long exposure of water it may penetrate through the FDA approved finish that we use. This may cause the board to crack or warp. 

No, do not place any wood product in the dishwasher.

Clean your cutting board with a light-duty concentrated soap that’s easy on wood and wood finishes. We recommend using Walrus Oil Cutting Board Soap, made 100% from plants. It’s simple recipe made from vegetable glycerin, coconuts, and plant-derived vitamin E has no toxins, unhealthy preservatives, or fragrance. To use, simply apply a small amount of soap over your cutting board and wash with cold or lukewarm water. Click here to purchase.

Every 6 months sprinkle some salt on top of your board and rub firmly using one half of a lemon to disinfect your board. 

Our boards are coated with a finish that is FDA compliant for food contact surfaces (Walrus Cutting Oil and Walrus Wood Wax). 
Our serving boards are not to be used for as cutting boards. 

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