Brisla comes from the organic concepts of  Breeze (Brisa) and Island (Isla)= Brisla.
These concepts evoke the movements we find in the wind and waves that are relative to the patterns, and designs you will find in our products.

BR (breeze) ISLA (island) = BRISLA

Our mission is to spread colorful vibes while supporting the art of handmade products and the use of recycled materials in fashion accessories.

Why You Will Love Brisla

Recycled Materials

Caring for our planet and one another is the future.


We like to prove that good designs, sustainable materials, and positive energy have a bigger impact on ourselves than factory made products.

Fair Trade

A lot of skill and time goes into making each and every one of our handmade products. We pay fair compensation to the skilled artisans we work with. 

Positive Vibes

We live in a somewhat chaotic world. Our message through our brand is to spread positivity, colorfulness, and kindness to our planet and one another.

The #Breezylife

Use our hashtag #breezylife to remind yourself and your friends to live a breezy life. In other words, life is short, so enjoy it and be your best to those around you.

The Home Experience

Our home is our sanctuary, it is our happy place. A happy place is a gateway to a happier you. So our goal is to bring warm designs for an even happier home experience.


brisla home

Brisla Home opens up with LB Wood Designs created by co-owner woodworker Piotr Krajewski.

LB Wood Collection  @lbwooddesigns

Mas Hayashi and Sam Maloof
Piotr Cutting Coasters
Woodworking Convention 2017

The majority of our products are made out of local fallen trees. The city cannot cut any trees that are not at the end of their life for one reason or another. Here is where we come in – helping people enjoy the trees of Long Beach for a little bit longer. Converting Long Beach fallen trees into home decor, such as, stumps, nightstands, cutting boards, charcuterie boards, coasters, shelves, and many more.

“My woodworking journey began when I reached out to my great late friend, Mas Hayashi, to help me make a table for my aquarium. He then became my mentor who passed along skills acquired from the one and only Sam Maloof. My passion for woodworking came instantly. As I watched more videos on YouTube and learned from fellow woodworkers, I truly came to understand the joy of working with wood and the beauty of wood on its own nevertheless with a touch of craftsmanship.
These experiences led to the opening of LB Wood Designs. Using renewable material. Appreciating the value, time and energy of handmade items. Passing the energy through projects onto customers (The “Wu”).”

— Piotr Krajewski